Frequently Asked Questions

What will you wear to our event?

We usually wear black long dresses or jumpsuits, but this can be changed to suit your event!

Do you need anything?

All we require is the correct number of armless chairs (with cover from rain, wind and sun if playing outside), and a safe space to put our belongings and get changed.

There's a song or piece I would like, can you play it?

If it's not on our repertoire list, we would be more than happy to source, or arrange the piece for you. Get in touch to find out about how this works.

How many breaks do you require?

We require a 15 minute break for every 1.5 hours playing.

Are you an agency?

No, we call upon a pool of experienced players, meaning no expensive agency fees for you!

Can you play outside?

Yes, providing there is suitable cover and it is not too cold. We cannot play in direct sunlight, in windy or rainy conditions. Please note that we can play outside, but our performances do sound much better in an indoor acoustic.

Can you travel outside of London?

Absolutely, we do travel to events in the U.K and abroad. Please be aware additional travel may incur travel and accomodation fees.

How much do you charge?

Prices start from £250. Get in touch to find out more about our pricing options.

Should I book a duo, trio or quartet?

This depends on the space available at the venue, your budget and what you want for your event. A quartet has the most available repertoire, and we usually recommend our clients book this.

Do I need to provide refreshments?

To perform at our best water or light refreshments would really be appreciated, especially if we are playing for more than 3 hours.

How do we book?

Click on the contact page, and fill in the box for more info. Alternatively, you can email

Are you insured?

Absolutely, we are all members of the ISM and MU, and have PLI up to £10,000,000.

Can you accompany another instrument or singer for our event?

Absolutely, we are very experienced in playing with other instrumentalists and singers. If it's not on our repertoire list, the soloist may have to provide us with a score, if not we can source it. We can also source a musician if needed.

Will there be pauses in your set?

Between every piece, there will be a short natural pause. If playing at a wedding, we will also stop a couple of minutes before the entrance of the bride to get ready. This is standard practice and a part of live performance!

Can you play with microphones or are you a purely acoustic set?

We are usually an acoustic line up, and don't need additional power. If you require us to wear microphones, that's fine. We do not provide DPA's and you will need to specify clearly when we should wear them.